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11 Best Must-See Festivals Of India

22 October 2020 Shawni Bhattacharya (1 )
Festivals are a unique window that allows you to experience the best of the culture and the spirit of a particular place. In India, there are no official counts of the number of festivals that are ce

The Most Awaited Winter Season is Here!

15 October 2020 Tauseef Talib (0 )
Hey adventurous travellers! Locked in the houses during this pandemic. Want an extravagant vacation? Smile! The most awaited winter season is here and things are gradually getting back to normal and

Exploring the Best 10 Tempting Coastal Seafoods in India

8 October 2020 Shawni Bhattacharya (1 )
Hey fellow foodies! Do you enjoy the taste of fresh lobsters and prawns? And do you also enjoy travelling? Well, then you have come to the perfect blog that brings both your interests in one savoury

The Best Routes for Road Trips in India

2 October 2020 Shawni Bhattacharya (2 )
Would you like to fly? Surprised and baffled by our question? Well, did you know that travel freaks often say that “Road trips are the equivalent of human wings!” And indeed they are. Nothing can

India’s Own Grand Canyon-The Gandikota Village

25 September 2020 Shawni Bhattacharya (0 )
Have you been drooling over the pictures of the Grand Canyon? One of the most sought after destinations in the USA, the Grand Canyon is indeed an awe-inspiring natural wonder. Carved by the Colorado

10 Common Packing Mistakes All Travellers Do

18 September 2020 Solitary Traveller (1 )
Travelling to a favourite destination is life's greatest privilege. As humans, we are lucky enough to have the ability to travel across the country to experience different cultures and traditions. Wh

Places In India That Are So Ridiculously Beautiful That They Inspire Fairytale

10 September 2020 Shawni Bhattacharya (5 )
India is indeed a land of beautiful monuments, majestic palaces, ornate temples, and refreshing gardens. But have you ever wondered what the country has in offer for those who are seeking beyond the

Wandering In the Queen of Hills

1 September 2020 Tauseef Talib (1 )
Placed in the lap of the serene Himalayas, overwhelmed by the vibrant emerald tea plantations, and lofty standing Kanchenjunga, Darjeeling has always enjoyed a reputation of its own and has constant

15 Exceptional Yet Underrated Destinations of India

27 August 2020 Abhishek (3 )
Do you feel the fatality of the monotony, about the same old hill stations and beaches in India where your relatives and friends have visited? Planning a trip to the unexplored territory where acces

11 Most Unusual Festivals of India

17 August 2020 Abhishek (7 )
My motherland, India is home to a diverse culture of indigenous tribes travelled from different parts of the world. Since ancient times they have created a long-lasting impact with modern theories. A

8 Reasons that Fascinates India as The Best Travel Destination

20 July 2020 Tauseef Talib (16 )
India has many distinguished travel destinations that immensely attracts the whole world. The country has the maximum number of historic architectures and monuments that reflects its cultural herita

Quick Bites in the Streets of India

23 June 2020 Tauseef Talib (0 )
India is known for its historic heritage also influences the world with its low price delicious snacks. We Indians love snacks and for the one travelling, priced-off snacks serve as a treasure. One c

10 Best Offbeat Jungle Safaris of India

14 June 2020 Abhishek (5 )
The real beauty of wildlife is pre-eminence in the jungle than in the caged. The safaris allow you to get close to theses rare breeds in their natural habitats displaying their raw emotions. India is

Don’t Miss these Mysterious Archaeological sites of India

18 May 2020 Abhishek (3 )
India's rich diversity in culture and heritage is very well reflected and can be experienced at the archaeological sites. The spectacular monuments of different era state several cultures that flouri

After the Fast, Comes the Feast

2 May 2020 Tauseef Talib (0 )
Ramadan is one of the twelve Arabic months of the Islamic calendar. A period reflecting fasting and sacrifice observed by Muslims all around the world. It is believed the Qur’an was revealed to Pro

Budget Travel Tips: Hack to Save Money for Solo Traveller

16 April 2020 Abhishek (3 )
Do you have a tight budget? Wondering how to travel cheap in India? I have tried to provide a few important tips which may help you in planning with your holidays. I am a budgeteer who likes to trave

Top 10 Adventure Sports Activities in India

6 April 2020 Abhishek (9 )
India's wide range of geographical diversity excites tourists from all over the world as the best adventure destination though India is developing new adventure sports. Be it on the east to west or n