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Bishnupur- The Oldest Terracotta Temple City of West Bengal

16 April 2023 Abhishek (1 )
The temples in Bisnupur withstood a ravage of time by reframing a model of descendants to a unique style of Eka-Ratna and detailed terracotta depicting epic stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata. Onc

A Day in The Veil of Flowers- Khirai

23 February 2023 Abhishek (15 )
A short excursion is barely to dodge the stressful ordinary life. Undoubtedly, A Day in The Veil of Flowers "Khirai" will leave you lofty in the fields of the countryside. This popular destination is

Chandannagar- A Walk Through Tremple of French Colony

5 February 2023 Abhishek (1 )
A historic place decorated with street lamps and trees around the banks of the Ganges keeps a peaceful ambience of Chandannagar. Unlike Puducherry, it doesn't retain cafes, old streets, quarters and

10 Offbeat Tourist Places in West Bengal

9 June 2022 Arpita Das (3 )
Sitting in your office, have you ever looked outside the window and wished to be a bird? Does the sky look bigger, and the chills of office ac remind you of a distant mountain somewhere? Perhaps the

Trekking in the Mountains of Singalila Ridge

19 November 2020 Abhishek (13 )
The mighty ranges of the Himalayas in the North of West Bengal offer the phenomenal viewpoints, to begin with, one of the most classical adventure treks. Darjeeling Singalila Ridge is in the middle o

The Artists Behind the Scenes of Chhau Dance [Day: 03]

1 June 2020 Abhishek (5 )
My childhood memories in the beautiful town of Puruliya have always attracted me to visit it time and again. This was my first experience when I left the town and headed to explore its beautiful coun

Recline of Abandoned Temples [Day: 02]

10 May 2020 Abhishek (6 )
A successful trip on day one exploring the unusual place accompanied by glorious weather was a day to be cherished. It was day two to The Land of Red Soil and the places in my list was far from Purul

Chasing The Mystical Land [Day: 01]

23 April 2020 Abhishek (4 )
Puruliya is an exciting travel adventure and well suited for family holidays. It was difficult for me to make a plan for a short time. It is enriched with heritage and mystical places made of natural

The Land of Red Soil- Puruliya

10 April 2020 Abhishek (8 )
After wandering in some of the offbeat places in India, I always had a soft corner for Purulia, which is also one of the most awaited destinations I ever wished to cover in my life. The sub-tropical

The Charity of Care Helping Unprivileged Mankind:

15 November 2019 Abhishek (1 )
Around the world, several NGOs, Missionaries for charity are carrying out extensive social work across different domains. Kolkata too has a large number of active NGOs with dedicated volunteers, that

The Crumbling of the glorious days of Rajbari:

15 November 2019 Abhishek (2 )
Most of the great Mansions or crumbling Rajbari around Kolkata of which very few are still intact and restored. The Zamindars of Bengal had a life of pomp and show, unimaginable today. Magnificient e

The Serene Presence of Buddhist Pagodas from Different Community:

15 November 2019 Abhishek (2 )
Buddhism spread in Bengal during Ashoka. But its effect faded away in the successive period. The presence of Buddhist Pagodas in Kolkata slowly mingled with other cultures of the locals. Still, ther

Few Synagogues are left to tell the story of Jewish Community

15 November 2019 Abhishek (1 )
Few Jewish Community Synagogues in Kolkata are left to tell the story about the first Jew who came with his family to Kolkata in 1798 from Allepo in Syria was Shalom Aaron Obadia Cohen and establishe

Tourist Places in Kolkata – The Heritage City

14 November 2019 Abhishek (13 )
Welcome to Kolkata, a city steeped in history and brimming with cultural treasures! From its grand colonial architecture to its vibrant street markets, Kolkata offers a delightful sensory overload fo