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Wandering in the Hills of East Khasi

29 August 2019 Abhishek (0 )
The hills of Meghalaya will amaze you with its sheer natural beauty in the form of crystal-clear lakes and countless waterfalls with pristine valleys. One of the beautiful states which teach us to li

Exploring the Hills of Jaintia

26 August 2019 Abhishek (1 )
Nartiang Durga Temple "Shakti Peetha" Exploring the Hills of Jaintia gives you the glimpse of the 600-year-old holy temple which is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas of Hindu religion. It is located on

In the Abode of Clouds

23 August 2019 Abhishek (8 )
This might sounds out of context for the beginning of the blog. I truly mean as a solo tourist. It's a great opportunity to experience as a solo traveller. It gave me a chance places to visit in Megh

Trekking in the Sacred Forest

20 August 2019 Abhishek (3 )
Trekking in the Sacred Forest will make you believe that why Meghalaya is compared with Scotland or any English countryside. There is beautiful green carpeted grass at the entrance of the jungle. The

Top Attractions in Cherrapunjee (Sohra)- Everything You Need To Know

18 August 2019 Abhishek (8 )
The top attractions in Cherrapunjee are its deep gorges, luxurious vegetation, and boast of an innumerable variety of ferns, moss, and orchids. It has alms of the Ram Krishna Mission and the Welsh Mi

In The Sands of Nongkhnum River Island

16 August 2019 Abhishek (1 )
The West Khasi Hills are locally known as the “Bri U HynniewTrep” – Land of the Seven Huts. How the Khasis had come to settle in these beautiful hills and from where they had come still remains