The Relic Ramnagar

29 March 2020 Abhishek (5 )
A magnolious assembly of sandstone standing tall along the bank of the Ganges caught my attention before crossing the river Ganges. The Relic Ramnagar is a small town on the eastern bank of the river

Sarnath – In The Esteemed Preachings Of Lord Buddha

20 March 2020 Abhishek (1 )
The following day towards Sarnath-Esteem Preachings of Lord Buddha. It is a prominent Buddhist site in the world as Lord Buddha sermoned his first batch of disciples after his enlightenment. His firs

Ambrosial Ghats of the ‘Spiritual’ Capital of India- Varanasi

11 March 2020 Abhishek (1 )
The 'spiritual' capital of India-Varanasi is beyond what one can imagine. The 88 ghats of Varanasi showcase periods of life-cycle as a melting pot where both life and death come together, which are i

Kashi- The ‘Immortal City’ on the bank of Ganges

24 September 2019 Abhishek (3 )
Varanasi (Benaras ) also referred to Kashi as its antediluvian name, is one of the oldest city of India which is believed to be more than 3000 years old. My short trip to places near Varanasi took me