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10 Things to do in Nagaland

12 August 2021 Debang Nath (1 )
Welcome to the Land of the great Nagas – Nagaland, a place that figures very rarely on anyone's bucket list or travel itinerary. The land of the sixteen esteemed and proud indigenous tribes in the

Colourful Hornbill Festival of Nagaland

13 February 2020 Abhishek (4 )
The reckless trek in the valleys of Dzukou will remain forever as the treasure in my memory. It was time to witness the grand ceremony of the Hornbill Festival of Nagaland. I changed my plan due to t

Trekking in the Valleys of Dzukou

31 January 2020 Abhishek (4 )
It’s not just about travelling unless it is full of adventure. So come along with me to the streams of Dzukou valley trek, the best trekking route in Nagaland throughout the calendar surrounded wit

Exploring Beautiful Kohima

20 January 2020 Abhishek (5 )
I reached my next destination, Exploring Beautiful Kohima, after 6hour long journey from Mokokchung. Both of these districts compared to other towns have the highest inhabited of Nagaland. I couldn't

Through The Land of Ao’s – Mokokchung

1 January 2020 Abhishek (8 )
After a complete tour of Mon district, I left for The Land of Ao's "Mokokchung ". Travelling in the time of dawn is always a pleasant idea. However, very few Regional Taxis are available for Mokokchu

Travelling to Headhunter Basti – Mon

23 December 2019 Abhishek (7 )
It gives goosebump when we hear about travelling to Headhunter Basti "Mon" of Nagaland although we consider them as 'uncivilised, extremely barbarous'. Tall distant mountainous range, narrow magnifi

Travelling to The Land of Nagas – Nagaland

19 December 2019 Abhishek (3 )
Travelling to The Land of Nagas "Nagaland" with a beautiful landscape of hills, valleys and traditional villages. Few negative statements regarding instability confused me whether I should take risk