Are you peering into the map of India, looking for your next exciting holiday destination? It may be that you completely missed out on the tiny group of islands that fringes the mainland on the southwestern side. But hey look again! Because here awaits a treasure trove of nature’s beauty, still untouched by the fast pace of urbanization.

If you are an enthusiast of exploring off-beat destinations that offer you nature’s splendour along with mesmerizing adventure, unique culture, and idyllic destinations, then Lakshadweep may be the perfect choice for you.

The serene destination has received the attention of tourists only recently, which means it is well-connected and its budding hospitality industry can offer you a comfortable stay in the most budget-friendly holiday prices. Solo, with friends or with your special one, go through this article to find out how you can make the best of your time in Lakshadweep and its hidden gems.

Looking For A Dreamy Beach Destination? Explore The Beauty Of Lakshadweep Islands

While making the itinerary for Lakshadweep, most tourists limit their activities to the Kadmat and Bangaram Islands. Sure, these are the major destinations that draw maximum international tourists. But if you are keen to explore the full range of offbeat eco-tourism in Lakshadweep, then here are some top picks that we recommend:

Agatti Island:

Lakshadweep,Agatti Island
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If you are looking for some quiet time amidst the white sand and blue waters of Lakshadweep, then head straight to Agatti Island. Being off the tourist radar, the island offers a kind of peace that is hard to compare with any other beach destination in India. Its unspoilt beauty is comparable only to the best beaches in the world.

The affordability of the island only adds to the reasons why you need to visit this place. Its quiet, sandy beaches are also a great location to experience beach picnics with your loved ones. For those who seek authentic experiences and to connect with the island’s culture, deep-sea fishing along with the local fishermen can be another activity on your list.   

Minicoy Island:

Lakshadweep cluster Minicoy Island
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The second largest island in the Lakshadweep cluster, Minicoy Island is situated in the southernmost region of the archipelago. It also goes by the name of Maliku in the local language.  This island is particularly known for its stunning coral reefs.

If you are interested in experiencing the rich and unique culture of Lakshadweep, then too Minicoy is a place that you just cannot miss out on your list. A day in Minicoy can include experiences such as a visit to the local tuna factory, water sports, a walk up to the top of its lighthouse for a panoramic view of the surroundings or just some rest, relaxation and ayurvedic massages at its resorts while enjoying the ocean view.  

Kavaratti Island:

 coral reefs Kavaratti Island
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An island that boasts 12 atolls and three coral reefs, Kavaratti Island is the perfect mix of relaxing beach time and exciting water adventures. Beyond the beauty of nature, the island is also home to attractions such as the Kavaratti Marine Museum and the Urja Mosque.

If you are someone who likes to pick up local souvenirs and craft pieces, then do not miss out on browsing through the Kavaratti local market.

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Eco-Friendly Tourism in Lakshadweep: Exploring the Unexplored

Eco-Friendly Tourism in Lakshadweep Exploring the Unexplored
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Another reason for responsible travellers to select Lakshadweep as their next holiday destination is that eco-friendly tourism is practised in the islands. The Government of India is taking numerous measures to promote Lakshadweep while preserving the rich flora and fauna of the place.

The particularly important sites have been marked as protected areas and a special force has been formed to keep a check on any form of poaching activities. Lakshadweep was also featured in the news recently for its progressive move by unveiling the world’s first sea cucumber conservation reserve.

The use of renewable energy is also quite popular throughout the islanders with hotels and residences tapping into the ample solar energy. To promote sustainable travel further, there is also a cap on the number of tourists who can enter the islands at a given time. So, we strongly advise our wanderlust community to have all the necessary permits in place before they travel. Also, show your respect for the local customs and traditions by being mindful of the environment.

Offbeat Activities & Adventures in Lakshadweep: Beyond the Tourist Trail

Offbeat Activities & Adventures in Lakshadweep
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If you think the offerings of Lakshadweep are only the quiet getaway among its pristine islands and blue waters, then think again! These islands are also the best place to experience offbeat adventures and activities, the likes of which you may not find anywhere!

If you are bored with the regular bowling alleys, here in its pearly beaches you can try your hands on some coconut bowling! Or if you have had your fill of the in-land activities, you can try out the deep dives and snorkelling among some of the most colourful coral reefs and marine life.

Among the unique experiences in Lakshadweep, another activity that you must try out from the off-beat activities guide is the reef walks. The surreal reef walks take you for a literal walk on the ocean beds.

Do make sure to follow all standard safety norms when you try out these activities

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Exploring the Local Culture of Lakshadweep

Exploring the Local Culture of Lakshadweep
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The experience of a place is incomplete without exposure to the local culture and practices of the people there. In the case of Lakshadweep, at first, you may feel that the culture of the archipelago is quite similar to that of Kerala. But many distinguishing factors set them apart.

The culture of the island reflects the influence of the various people who landed on its shore over the centuries including the Portuguese and the Dutch.

The best way to experience the unique Lakshadweep culture as a tourist is through the various dance forms. The island of Minicoy boasts a unique dance form known as the Lava, which is accompanied by refreshing traditional melodies sung by the performers.   

Kolkali and Parichakali are some other popular dance forms that you can experience in the evenings during your stay in Lakshadweep. 

Less-Explored Diving Spots in Lakshadweep: Dive into the Unknown

Less-Explored Diving Spots in Lakshadweep
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The spectacular diving spots are already renowned among the adventure-loving community. But if you want to take your experience a notch higher and go for some unspoilt underwater experience, then the lesser-known gems are a perfect pick for your taste.

The Kadmat Island is a host to abundant marine lines, which thrive in its crystal-clear water. Experience them from a close range by heading to dive sites like the Shark Alley and Stingray City.

If you are someone who is fascinated by coral gardens or if you would want to have a glimpse of the inhabitants of the deep sea, then another island that you can put to your list is Bitra. Bitra is an uninhabited island but its deep diving sites are worth exploration. Many of these spots also offer a view of intriguing underwater rock formations. The Suheli Par Island also offers equally exciting diving spots that are hardly frequented by tourists and lure only those divers who seek tranquillity in solitude.     

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Delectable Cuisine of Lakshadweep: A Gastronomic Adventure

Delectable Cuisine of Lakshadweep
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When you are at a beach destination, you can be sure that your taste buds too will be taken on a pleasant adventure. The Lakshadweep Island is no exception to this! The rich maritime heritage of the island is amply reflected in its cuisine which also absorbed and blended the Arab and Kerela culture in its unique way.

The staples of the island include seafood, including crab, lobsters and squid that are freshly available, thanks to the sprawling fisher community. The tuna fish holds an especially favoured place in the island’s cuisine. Top among the tuna dishes is the “Tuna Mulakittathu”. This is a spicy curry in which the fresh tuna fishes are tampered with curry leaves, chilli and coconut milk.

If you are someone with a sweet tooth, you may want to try out the traditional desserts of Lakshadweep, such as the ‘Koondi’ which is made with coconut, jaggery and flour, moulded together and shaped like balls.  

Explore Lakshadweep today!    

The beauty of exploring the off-beat is that it not just satiates your wanderlust, but it also takes you to places that can leave you completely mesmerised. Now that you have been through this list, you must be already excited to explore the hidden beauty of Lakshadweep. Set off, make memories and refresh your Instagram feed with pictures from the most exotic locations.

Wait no more! Make your travel plans right away!

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