“Solo travel not only pushes you out of your comfort zone, it also pushes you out of the zone of other’s expectations.”

-Suzy Strutner

Have you ever wondered why travelling solo has become so much in vogue these days? Travelling in itself is a wonderful experience that broadens your mental horizons and gives you memories that you are going to treasure all your life. But travelling with your friends and family is often quite different from travelling alone.

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For those who have already experienced solo travelling, the one word that they commonly use for it is- “transformational”. Indeed, exploring a new place in your own company, meeting new people and overcoming challenges all by yourself brings changes in your whole personality. There are also some people who may discourage you by saying that solo travelling is dangerous and hassling. But what gain has ever come without a few risks!

If you are still wondering if solo travel is any good for you, here is a list of advantages that will push you to take the plunge:

Makes You Confident and More Assertive

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Have you noticed how your friend who has just returned from a solo tour beaming with confidence? Well, that is the first great transformation that travelling alone brings in you! When you are travelling alone, you have to constantly interact with strangers and tackle situations that you are encountering for the first time. Over time, this helps you to develop your confidence and also makes you more assertive as a person.  

If you are an introvert or if you face confidence related issues, solo travel is the best way to gain the qualities that you always envied in others.

You will Learn New Skills

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Travelling solo also equips with several new life skills that will come handy in your professional life as well. For instance, since the entire tour is going to be organized and executed by you, you will get hands-on experience in planning. Even if all your plans do not work out the way you expected, it will be a learning experience all the same. Apart from that, it will also enhance your decision-making skills, and you’ll also get batter at managing your time.

Apart from that, you will also get better at how to manage your funds, and you’ll learn how to adapt to a new environment with ease. Travel cheap and flaunt your budgeting knowledge in the next corporate travel that you organize at the office.

Nurture A Sense of Gratitude

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If you think travelling is only about seeing new places, then solo travel is going to change that thought for you. With the change of scene, you will also be taking a journey within you. For instance, if you have n number of clothes and comforts at home, you will not have access to the same comforts when you are travelling solo.

Your belongings will be limited to the bare minimum that you are carrying with you. This will help you to nurture a sense of gratitude. Even when you return back home, you will learn to value things better and be more contented with what you already have.  

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It Helps to Self-Discover

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Do you think you know all about yourself? Well, maybe not. Right from the time that we are a child till we grow up, we are so invested in our surroundings and the people around us that we often forget to discover ourselves. Sometimes, spending some quality time with yourself can completely change your perspective on life and things in general.

Without any form of peer or family pressure, you will be in a better place to understand your own tastes and preferences. You will also be able to discover your own hidden skills and talents that usually do not get full expression when you are surrounded by too many people.

Meeting New People on The Way

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How long will you keep meeting people on social media platforms and apps? It is time for you to step out and have real-life interactions. A secret that any seasoned solo traveller would be able to confirm is that with the right attitude, you are never totally alone. In fact, solo travels are the best opportunity for you to make friends with people who share similar interests or who are culturally different from you.

You would never meet any of these new people if you were not travelling. Many a time, solo travellers come back with friends that last them their entire life. All you need to be is a little approachable, log out of your gadgets and flash your brightest smile. You can also join online travel groups to know about cafes and stores where most of the travellers go to a particular place.

You will Get Time to Connect Yourself

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Imagine waking up to a gorgeous sunrise or taking a walk through a busy market! Sounds exciting? Experience a new city alone and will have the best spiritual and mental journey of your life. Travelling solo offers you the time and opportunity to connect with yourself better. When you are in your usual surrounding, you are usually immersed in your work and daily routine and barely get time to sit and ponder on your thoughts.

Solo travel can change that. On one side, you have these amazing views that transport you away from your worries and petty thoughts. On the other side, you are in your best mood and your own company. These factors together help you to connect with yourself better.

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Develops Your resilience

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Before you set out on your solo travel, you are sure to get travel advice from people who are likely to warn you about the potential dangers. While one may say “do not eat food offered by strangers”, another may tell you that “never walk through unknown roads”. Indeed, you need to take care of and avoid danger, but there is no need to be scared or nervous.

May be these words will not make much sense now, but when you come back from your solo travel, you will be a proven survivor. You will feel stronger, your interactions with strangers will make you smarter, and you’ll learn to go past this pessimistic advice. All these together will help you become more resilient over time.

You will Have Control on The Pace

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Hate rushing from one place to another? When you are travelling in a group or in a conducted tour, your choices alone will not prevail. You will have to make allowances for the choice of other people in your group whose tastes and interests may be totally opposite to yours. So why always be tied down by strict timelines? Take control of your own pace with solo travel.

When you travel alone, you are totally independent to decide your own pace. If you like a place, you may as well spend your entire time there. If you are a history buff, you are free to go from museums to monuments to other places of historic importance.  

You can also do some research about the place and opt for the not so touristy places instead of the usual ones. Stop by and click amazing pictures or interact with the locals without any kind of rush or hurry on your mind.

You will Become Empowered

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When you surrounded by a lot of people, it is easy to pass off the responsibility of decision making to someone else. But that option is totally unavailable during your solo travels. Here, right from the food that you order to whether you must stay in a particular hotel or another, each and every decision has to be taken by you.

While it cannot be guaranteed whether all your decisions will be right or not, you will definitely feel more empowered. People who go for frequent solo travels experience an improvement in their decision-making skills even with respect to the other circumstances of life.

Even when you return back from your journey, this sense of empowerment will stay with you all throughout.

Improves Your Language Skills

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Nothing improves your language skill like mingling with people from different cultures during solo travel when you are alone in your tour, you will have to frequently interact, communicate and bargain with people who may not know the same languages as you.

When you are desperate to get the message across, you will end up picking some common terms and gestures from the foreign tongue. Experts suggest that if you can memorize a hundred common words from a language before you visit a place, you are likely to come back speaking the tongue fluently.

While this is the list of our favourite benefits, you can always add to it based on your unique travel experience! So do not hold back. Take the leap of faith and come back totally transformed!

If you have on solo travel recently, we’d love to hear from you. Comment below with the life-changing skill that you have picked up during your solo travel. Looking for expert travel tips? Or wondering where to go for your solo travel? Get in touch with us today and have a seamless solo travelling experience. Contact for your free consultation today.

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