India has many distinguished travel destinations that immensely attracts the whole world. The country has the maximum number of historic architectures and monuments that reflects its cultural heritage and traditions. Indian food, its hospitality, history and architectures and its various wonderful tourism spots can grab anybody’s attention. India’s popularity is gradually growing. There is a plentiful reason why India attracts most of its tourist and a few of them are listed below.


Indian food

Indian food is always very delicious and unique. Tourist from around the world tries the distinguished flavours of India that leave them lip-smacking. Indian cuisine has successfully developed its popularity in different parts of the world. India is especially known for its all-round delicacies, be it North or South India. The food here is full of variant spices and herbs. Every region has its own distinctive flavour with its own style of cooking. Indian culture and food are influenced by various civilizations which have contributed to the present form across the country.

History and Architecture

India is very famous for its influencing archaeological sites. The country has tremendous eye-catching architecture and monuments and people from across the world are always very eager to know its history. There are a number of monuments that could be found in almost every state of the country. The architecture reflects the amazing talents of our ancestors. Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, the Red Fort, Ajanta Ellora Caves are a few of them. These infrastructures have always been a reason for India’s pride.

Shopping Markets

Indian Shopping Markets

Indian goods and services are cherished by all. The shopping materials are available at a very reasonable price. The handicrafts of India display its finer and close points of workings. The beautiful and unique designs in the fabrics are something that the tourist marvel at. The different carvings in the potters and artefacts are truly amazing and are definitely suitable for decorative purposes. All these handicrafts reflect the skill and hardwork of the Indian people which are gradually developing. Every region is very well specialized in a particular industry that is been handed down over generations.

Wildlife Safari

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India is land to wildlife conservation parks and sanctuaries. The diversity of Indian terrain is home to different rare species. The beautiful lush green forests, desserts, wetland and marine will surely attract you. Thousands of migratory birds charm the land during winter. People can also experience the thrilling adventure of wildlife safaris here. Jim Corbett National Park, Ranthambore National Park, Gir National Park are among the best places for the wildlife experience.

Journey by Train

India provides some of the best journeys by train. Travelling in trains make it possible to admire the changing landscapes as the train passes through towns and villages. The mountain ranges, the elegant waterfall, the flowing rivers, the massive fields and the dense forests are all very soothing to the eyes. People witness all these mesmerizing views while travelling on a train. Most of the wonderful places in India are very well connected to the railways and journey by train is the best option if you actually want to experience the beauty of nature. Some of the best journeys by train are Jammu-Baramulla, Kalka-Shimla, Mumbai-Goa, New Jalpaiguri-Darjeeling.


Indian Hospitality

India is well known around the world for its hospitality. Indians wholeheartedly welcome their guests in their country. It has emerged as one of the key drivers of growth among the services sector in India. The people, the language, the cuisines all create an enchanting weave of colour for their tourist and their hospitality towards their guests becomes memorable. The foreigners always appreciate the Indian hospitality which they could hardly experience in other countries of the world.

Adventure Sports Activity

Top 10 adventure sports activity in India

India has a number of exciting places for adventure sports activity. India is best suited for any adventurous action near the Himalayas and different valleys, mountains and rivers. Many tourists visit India to experience the thrilling adventure here such as trekking, bungee jumping, paragliding, scuba diving etc. The feeling and memories of all these adventurous trips are truly unforgettable. For the one seeking for an adventurous trip, India is the best option.


India is a country of harmony and spirituality. There are a lot of ashrams and temples where a number of spiritual acts like yoga and meditation are performed. Many tourists and foreigners visit these places for a peaceful and pleasant environment. These programmes also help in moulding one’s behaviour and character in a much better way. People also visit India to spend their time in the ashrams and learn the various acts of spirituality.

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