Wah Rymben Falls:

Wandering in the Hills of East Khasi of Meghalaya is arduous but the sight of the waterfall can leave any visitor wonderstruck. Nature is truly at its best here. The waterfall is a “secret” one, as per the local guide because people rarely visit the place due to the difficult approach road to it. One cannot hear any sound other than the roar of the falling water and chirping of birds and crickets.

Wandering in the Hills of East Khasi

This is located in Lapang at East Khasi Hills about 70km from Shillong. The magnificent waterfall comes to full glory during the monsoon with a massive flow of water. The most distinguishing thing is to see big round holes around the falls which are acting as a funnel.

King’s Residence:

Perched in the East Khasi Hills of Shillong, Hill Laitlum is a little-explored as such is village Smit. The village has a traditional house, the Ling Shad, that belongs to the King of the Khyrim and is believed to be more than 100 years old. The fascinating Nongkrem dance is performed during autumn outside the royal residence.

Wandering in the Hills of East Khasi

The house is made without any metal nails. The beautiful pine trees around with a big green amphitheatre makes it more beautiful and adorable. Smit is a absolutely pollution-free, serene and a very pleasant village. The road to Shillong and further to Smit is a pretty good one and very well maintained. The natural beauty of the place is a treat to the eye. A must visit if you Wandering in the Hills of East Khasi.

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