Top attractions in Cherrapunjee is its deep gorges, luxurious vegetation and boasts of an innumerable variety of ferns, moss, and orchids. It has alms of the Ram Krishna Mission and the Welsh Missionaries started their services in the Khasi Hills of Meghalaya. There is a famous orange orchard and apiculture around the city. Sohra prevails the British Cemetry locally known as ‘Jingtep Phareng’ wherein eighteen British Officials of the East India Company (1830-1866) lay buried.

top attractions in Cherrapunjee

How to reach?

There are multiple choices to reach Sohra, Cherrapunjee. Shared taxis are available from Bada Bazaar or you may hire from City Centre. Be brave to bargain before you hire any taxi. For hiring a taxi one-way trip may cost around ₹400-₹600, it depends how good you are at bargaining.

Where to stay?

If you want to feel calm and hear the downrush of waterfalls, it’s the best place to spend a night. There are hotels available at Sohra. The best hotel I found was near seven sister falls. The reception and approach of the staff were very pleasant.

Experience Zip-lining:

If you love thrill and want to experience zip-lining then its perfect place. Mawkdok is the first viewpoint on the way to top attractions in Cherrapunjee. I must say you will experience the thrill. There are two different routes. One is a small parallel to the one hill and the other is the big one across two valleys. The cost of the small one is ₹400 per person and the big one is ₹800. 

top attractions in Cherrapunjee

It is better to book for ₹800 if you are ready to cross the valley, as it covers the route of ₹400 as well, for the warm-up. Their arrangement is really good and safe. The beautiful waterfall carves out of the mountain and forms into a small tributary that you can only experience from the top.

Living root bridge:

top attractions in Cherrapunjee

The living root bridges are handmade by Khasi and Jaintia tribes who have mastered the art of guiding the roots into the shape to the bridge. Some of the root bridges in Meghalaya are over 100 feet long and take about 10 to 15 years to get the perfect shape of the bridge. It can bear the weight of more than fifty people at a time It is used to cross the streams across the valley.

One such bridge is located near Mawlynnong village. Drive to Riwai village to reach the root bridge. From there, it’s approximately a 15-minute walk. There are many living root bridges around the hills. All are adorable. In recent double-decker bridges are endowed in the deep jungles of Meghalaya which are precious hard work of the locals. They are more difficult to reach in terms of transportation and long trek.

Mawlynnong village:

top attractions in Cherrapunjee

Around 80kms from Shillong, there is a small village- Mawlynnong which earned its status as Asia’s cleanest village in 2003. Its streets are lined with traditional Khasi huts with gardens that are full of colourful flowers. There are bamboo baskets outside every house to be used as bins. It’s the hard work of the children of the village who keep it clean.

You may have local Khasi food at their food stall which resembles a typical Khasi hut with machan connected to the verandah. You can know more of there hard works which keep their village clean. The people are polite, gentle and friendly and they love to share their experience.


top attractions in Cherrapunjee

A couple of hours from Mawlynnong there is Indo-Bangladesh border town of Dawki. The jewelled emerald water of the Umngot river. popularly called Dawki river owing to its location, looks as if belonging to another world is one of the top attractions in Cherrapunjee. The alcoves on both sides, coupled with the sound of rippling water and chirps of the birds can give one a heavenly feeling as of the fairytale setting.

You may hire a boat and go around the Umngot river and can witness the Bangladesh border and their patrolling boats or can stroll on the riverbank full of naturally chiselled round and shapely pebbles. The small town after which this lake is the most attractive scenic beauty, it is must-visit for nature lovers.

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