It’s not just about travelling unless it is full of adventure. So come along with me to the streams of Dzukou valley trek, the best trekking route in Nagaland throughout the calendar surrounded with endless bamboo thickets and beautiful seasonal flowers. You may also experience snow if you travel during the months of December-January.

dzukou valley trek first from rest point

The offbeat set of the track is Dzukou Valley trek, a treat for the trekkers and wanderers in the lap of nature. It is an isolated place at 2438m above sea level between the two North Eastern States of Nagaland and Manipur, with no network coverage. Dzukou valley the name was probably given after a river in the region meaning cold water.

dzukou valley trek

Unplanned trips are always full of excitement and here I am to share the experience of most desired trek-route in Nagaland. I was accompanied by one of my neighbour from Kolkata. The journey began from Kohima and the time I reached I was overwhelmed by the tradition and culture of the place and friendly people.

The real adventure of trekking starts

The experience of the heartland of Nagaland will leave you spellbound with some of the amazing sights. The trekking in Dzukou valley is categorized from easy to moderate. The total distance to cover in the trek from the Vishwema Village is 18km. Jhakama Village and Vishwema Village are two sources to start your trek from Nagaland to the pristine valleys. The valleys will surely leave you bewildered in this dreamland.

Beautiful sunset at Dzukou Valley

How to reach Dzukou Valley?

Railway station and airport is in Dimapur. You have to reach Kohima for trekking in the valleys of Dzukou. Kohima is well connected by local transport. The regional taxis for Jhakama and Vishwema Village are available from BOC stand. It costs Rs.50 per person. You may also hire a taxi from Vishwema Village to drop you at the starting point or hitchhiking can always stand a chance. I assure you will get this alternative option of hiring a taxi from Vishwema Village up to the starting point, which may cost you Rs.1,500.

Things to Carry for Dzukou Valley Trek:

  • A sleeping bag is a must.
  • Carry sufficient water. As purified bottles are not available at the Base Point.
  • Carry torch or spotlight.
  • Nice trekking shoes.
  • Power bank
  • Extra pair of socks

Unplanned Journey in the Valleys:

Trek with me to Dzukou Valley through narrow lanes

Our Unplanned Journey in the Valleys started from Vishwema as it is was the easiest route to start your trek. We left early in the morning from Kohima, unaware that the local city buses services start at 9 am. A splendid morning walk with sunrise on the horizon was the first inspiration of the day. We stopped at the butcher shop to get some meat for the night during the bonfire.

After 20-30 mins of walk, we reached BOC stand. It was too early as we had to wait for more than an hour to get our transport. Our excitement to start the trail held us to wait for those long 1 hour. Finally, we left from Kohima for Vishwema village with a little extra cost. The journey was smooth, it took around 30 mins to reach the village. The poster of the beautiful Dzukou valley with its seasonal flowers welcomed us at the entry point.

Viswema Village the entry point of Dzukou Valley

The trekking begins after completing the formalities to keep the environment plastic-free zone and signing up a form which costs Rs.100 per person for the Indian citizens. The distance from the entry point of Vishwema Village to the base point is 18km, and almost 8km were covered by local transport. After 40min of the bumpy journey, we made to the starting point.

The way to Dzukou Valley

We caught up a few breaths to restore our energy and prepared ourselves for the journey. The trekking began with steep walking for a few minutes in the jungle. Then the real challenge began where we climbed the hills, the path was full of mud and rocks, however, most of it was shaped like stairs that made easier for the climbers, but a few big boulders rocks made it more competitive.

The challenging route from Viswema Village for Dzukou Valley trek

The first 90 minutes of climbing is the difficult part of this trekking. Climbing further gave the most beautiful views of the valley that I had ever seen in my life. The first resting point is at the top of the hill that gives you the best panoramic view of the valley. The jungle trail is also visible once you reach the top of the point. After rehydrating ourselves we moved towards Base Point of Japfu Peak from the valley of burnt trees.

Beautiful scene with burnt trees at Dzukou Valley

The narrow trail between the valley is marked with signboards. At one point of time, we lost our track and wandered around however It took 4 hours to complete the trail, with few small breaks we made up to the base camp. It isn’t an ordinary camp, the entire location is surrounded by forest with a small wooden house as a Base Camp with most friendly people.

The Dormitory is available to take rest at Night in Dzukou Valley

It was almost sunset, I already made new friends. Together we put a bonfire and realized that there is some meat that can be grilled so we tried our hands on a primitive style of cooking, but we failed. As time passed the temperature was dropping constantly the cold breeze was blowing through my face, the burble of small streams.

dzukou valley trek the night astrophotography

The glittering stars that suddenly appeared in the sky and the lightning of firewoods in small pots made me a saint for a narrow period of time. Stargazing has always been one of my hobbies and this was the perfect time I implemented it. After spending a chilling night in the dormitory. With the break of dawn, we left to the near helipad for a better view of sunrise.

sunrise at dzukou valley trek

We explored with the break of sunlight and a thin layer of snow melting in the valley is a treat for the eye. Every good thing comes to end with beautiful memories and a good experience lasts long. We climbed down to the starting point along with a few new friends. We shared the last few moments in a van till Vishwema Village.

Snow at Dzukou Valley at first week of December

As our destinations were different, we separated at Vishwema Village and we hitchhike to Kohima. The Dzukou valley trek is a test of endurance for avid trekkers and adventure seekers. The expedition of the captivating view along the special trail will be carved in the memory forever.

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