I reached my next destination, Exploring Beautiful Kohima, after 6hour long journey from Mokokchung. Both of these districts compared to other towns have the highest inhabited of Nagaland. I couldn’t take my eyes off from the beautiful scenic beauty and floating clouds and playing one of my favourite Lil Dicky’s song, Earth, which made my journey more pleasant. The preservation of nature is a critical issue at the present time. The roads are being broadened up for more smooth traffic which is leading to deforestation and destruction of mountains. Being a nature lover, it worries me sometimes to see them getting destroyed.

Kohima capital city of Nagaland

Kohima is a mixed bag for tourists seeking to explore the diversity of landscapes and beautiful culture. It is endowed with hilltops, ridges, surrounded with rainforest, and villages of Angami tribe. The capital city is wrapped in the history of brutal World War II between the Axis Powers and Allied Forces. A lot of brave soldiers were martyred during the battle of Kohima in 1944.

Kohima city view from World War II cemetery

Today, the town has retrieved with positive vibes. Now it is a prosperous place with warm-hearted and helpful people. English as a language is understood by most of the local people which makes easy to communicate. Food is all we want so the local street food with delicious varieties will surely tempt you to come on the street during night hours. Comprehensive details of the places to venture Exploring Beautiful Kohima is mentioned in this post to help you.

How to Reach?

Kohima is well connected by local transports. Regional taxis and NST buses are available. The town even has the railway station as well as the airport. If you are planning to reach Kohima from Dimapur, the buses and regional taxis are available from the railway station.

Where to stay?

Kohima has plenty of options for hotels and lodge. Homestays and dormitories are also
available. You may enjoy the bunk-beds in Kohima, which are more common. Even hostels are available if you are looking in low budgets. It’s convenient to look for accommodation near TCP gate, war cemetery and NST bus stop.

World War II Cemetery:

World War II Cemetery in Kohima Nagaland

The peaceful tombstones of veteran war heroes of World War II rest at the centre of town. The cemetery is in the memory of the Britishers along with 917 Indians who were Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs waited earnestly for their return by their loved ones. Some are encrypted with the quotes, names and ages.

Exploring Beautiful Kohima World War II Cemetery

The cemetery is on the slopes of Garrison hill used to be the residence of District Commissioner which was then turned into a battlefield and later into a memorial. There is a big cross at the centre of the cemetery where you will still find the mark of a tennis court as a part of DC’s residence. A well-trimmed lawn with beautiful pavements around it is a perfect pictorial place. The serene of World War cemetery is well maintained with the calmness in the aura and a panoramic view of the town.

Cathedral Church:

Exploring Beautiful Kohima Cathedral Church

The beautiful structure of the Cathedral Church is visible from almost every part of the town. The Church is perched at the top of the hill with the sentiments of the lost soldiers of World War II. The architecture was funded by Japan in the memory of the Battle of Kohima. The traditional Morung style of the church blends with the intricacy of Naga tradition. The interior of the church is inspired by the local lifestyle, decorated by paintings and furniture.

Biggest Jesus Christ cross at Cathedral Church of Kohima

The transparent roof and stained glasses provide ample light throughout the daytime. The church is known for its 16 feet crucifix, biggest in Asia. The stairs to the church are illustrated with 21 important life events of Jesus Christ. The campus is filled with ornamental flowers and is headed through four gates in all the directions. To reach the place you have to come along BOC stand and then 20-30 minutes’ walk uphill.

Bizzare Kohima Market:

Exploring Beautiful Kohima Bizzare Market

Walking along the narrow lanes of the market with some of the bizarre shops around gives you the insight delicacy of Nagaland. The bazaar of Kohima is overwhelming for the tourist with a wide range of street food including veg and non-veg. Pork and beef are common. However, if you want to go deep into exotic food then dog meat, caterpillars, frog, bee larvae might change your perceptions towards food.

Sudden change in daylight with the onset of dusk brings the market more alive. The mouthwatering smell of flavoured barbeque grilled chicken and plenty of other dishes in the night market will surprise you. The small stalls settle around the main town of Kohima. Exploring Beautiful Kohima stand far from incomplete without Bazaars of Kohima, for which you need to experience on your own.

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