Dubai is one of the tourist destinations that doesn’t require an introduction since it has already made an impact on the tourism industry due to its glamorous lifestyle and futuristic skyline. Besides offering a plethora of attractions, it also offers a desert safari. There are many options to enjoy Dubai desert safari which makes choosing one quite tricky. Nevertheless, you must experience the magic of the golden dunes of the Arabian desert. If visiting for the first time, this guide will help you not to miss anything important.

What to Expect on Desert Safari Dubai?

Whether you book a safari with a tour operator or a safari company, you will be availing a golden opportunity to enjoy a barrage of fun, ravishing dining along with adventurous and entertaining experiences. That’s why a desert safari Dubai attracts a lot of people, including both the locals and tourists. Even the journey to the desert that begins with a pick-up from your hotel is no less than an adventure. As you leave the city, you will enjoy seeing the contrasting scenery that comes along the way.

When you get to the desert, there is so much that the eyes can discover and experience, and this is something that many people fail to realize. You can go for dune bashing and feel the excitement of riding an SUV on the rolling dunes. The next activities that you can enjoy alone are sandboarding and quad biking. If you can’t ride a quad bike, you can be a pillion rider. The safari also includes a camel ride. The Desert Safari Dubai also arranges belly dancing and Tanoura dancing for your entertainment. You can also taste Arabian and multi-continental cuisine.

Choose From a Range of Desert Safaris

All tour operators and desert safari companies offer several types of desert safaris to suit visitors. They conduct safaris in the morning, evening, and overnight.

Enjoy Evening Desert Safari Dubai

This evening desert safari Dubai is quite popular as it offers a chance to view the desert under different weather conditions. It begins at 3.30 pm and goes on till late in the evening. As such, you will feel the heat but as soon as the temperatures drop after sunset, things will get chilly. The safari includes a series of adventurous activities like dune bashing, sandboarding, and quad-biking. You can also participate in relaxing activities like camel riding. When you are done with adventures, you can witness the heartwarming sight of a desert sunset. The last stage of the safari is arranged at the campsite where a number of cultural and entertaining performances as well as delicious BBQ dinners are served.

Take Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Taking a Morning Desert Safari is possible only if you are used to waking up early in the morning or ready to disrupt your sleep to see something stunning. Be ready at 4 am for pickup. The transfer from your hotel to the desert is very interesting, as you can see captivating views all the way to the desert. Witnessing something that you haven’t before will make you happy. The calm atmosphere, pleasant weather, and the view of the infinite sand dunes will charm you. The best way to enjoy this safari is to opt for a hot air balloon ride to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the majestic desert.

Reignite Camping Memories with Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

This safari starts when the sun begins to set. It is best for those who love camping and stargazing. The first activity as usual, on this safari is dune bashing followed by sand boarding and quad biking, if chosen. It offers a dream opportunity to experience the darkness and silence of the desert and spend a night looking at the stars right from the middle of the desert. You can also enjoy the desert sunrise spectacle. This safari is perfect for moving away from the hustle of the city and getting lost in the world of adventure, nature, and wildlife as well as soaking in the serene desert.

Experience VIP Treatment with Private Desert Safari

When privacy matters a lot to you and you don’t mind spending money on it, book this desert safari. Investing in this safari is worth it as it offers a personalized experience and total value for the money. Many tour operators and desert safari companies even offer the option to customize the safari according to your preferences. You can choose the activities, adventures, and even cuisine. It can be a good deal as it allows you to ditch the crowd and enjoy with near and dear ones in total privacy. This desert safari is perfect to celebrate any special occasion or intimate experience.

Essential Tips for an Engaging Desert Safari Experience

To enjoy all the activities on the safari without any discomfort, follow these tips.

Wear comfortable clothing: All the activities on the safari involve movement. As such, wearing loose, and comfortable clothing is necessary. Since the climate cools at night, take a light jacket along.

Footwear: Do not wear sandals, flip-flops or other shoes that expose your feet as it gets very hot on the sand, particularly during the day.

Stay Hydrated: The climate in the desert can be very hot. So, take water with you and quench yourself from time to time. Though all the tours offer water for drinking, it’s good to carry your own bottle in case of an emergency.

Protect Your Skin: The desert sun can be harsh and cause sunburn. Therefore, apply good-quality sunscreen. Protect your eyes from the harmful sun rays by wearing sunglasses and covering your entire face with a wide, round hat.

Choose the Right Package: First, make your preferences clear, which will make it easy to determine the right desert safari package. Whether you like adventure, cultural experiences, or relaxation, talk to the tour operator about your choice.

Bring a Camera: There will be many moments on the safari that you must capture with a camera for a lifetime of memories. Capture every aspect of your trip and collect memories.

Don’t spoil fun due to Motion Sickness:  When someone is involved in an activity that causes a spinning sensation and dizziness like dune bashing, their body tends to spew. If your body is of such type, take the right medicine consulting a doctor to avoid any such problem. If you’re taking a desert safari for the first time, follow this guide and enjoy adventure, entertainment, and yummy dishes. However, it is important to gather complete information about tour operators and safari companies that offer desert safari in Dubai. It is recommended to go with the safari company that lets you customize the package and, at the same time, can offer you the best deal.

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