The scenic beauty of the state endures from the Shivalik range to the Greater Himalayas. The green meadows, shining rivers, broad valleys, ethnic culture, legendary rituals and thrilling peaks offer Himachal Pradesh a fabulous travel destination. The state is popularly known as Devbhoomi Himachal- The Land of Gods with the context of its spectacular landscape emphasises its essence. The gift of the natural bounty is the merge of religious significance and the origin of mythological legends. The diversity of nature and picturesque mountains is why Himachal Pradesh is the beautiful state of India. 

Why visit Himachal Pradesh?

Why visit Himachal Pradesh?

The abode boasting landscape of Himachal Pradesh also has many hidden treasures and unexplored places. There is so much to explore that every place provides you with a unique experience. Its various hill stations are magical and perpetually dressed that can fascinate any tourist. It makes Himachal Prades a destination for all seasons and all reasons. It extends a wide range of tourism potential, ranging from a family holiday to adventure, sightseeing, pilgrimage, to an escape from the busy city life, for a rejuvenating experience. Its appealing topography provides an immense number of destinations grim to keep track of and for the traveller to cover it in its entirety.

Exploring Devbhoomi- Himachal Pradesh

Exploring Devbhoomi- Himachal Pradesh

My journey to Himachal Pradesh was all of a sudden, special thanks to Hike in Himalaya for sponsoring my trek of Chandrananhan Lake and Buran Ghati Pass. It was a thrilling experience of watching unexposed nature for a lifetime attainment. I concluded without wasting any second to pack my rucksack with all necessary items and left for Delhi from Howrah Railway station. Mountains were calling for a while now and trekking always excited me. Though, the certain anxiety for travelling to a new place always makes me nervous. The magic spell of the place with friendly locals always makes the journey smooth and memorable.


Shimla Queen of hill stations in Himachal Pradesh

The charming hill town with colonial buildings against the backdrop of the Himalayas has enjoyed the status of most visited travel destination. First, in the 1800s, the Britishers arrived and noticed pleasant summers and snow-covered winters that shaped Shimla as their favourite weekend getaway. Later they declared it as the summer capital of India. It is popularly known as Queen of North hill stations as the beauty of this place still charms as it was centuries ago. It is the perfect desired destination for all kinds of vacations. The hill town keeps its quaint exterior, grand architecture, elegant temples and remarkable churches as enchanting beauty. The fabulous shops around the streets with plenty of cafeterias provide a space to chill out.

Chandranahan Lake and Buran Ghati Pass Trek

Chandranahan Lake and Buran Ghati Pass Trek Himachal Pradesh

Chandranahan lake and Buran Ghati Pass landscape is paradise on the Earth. Its offbeat trek starts along the Pabbar river tucked in meadows with an alpine zone. The lake is the source of the Pabbar river for the inhabitants of the valley relatively unexplored. It is mythological and highly revered by devotees who consider it the sacred abode of Goddess Kali. Trek exposes the landscapes walking through a mountain range and undulated meadows with a pure blend of contrasting campsites. The serene essence of pure air and the hum of fast-flowing brooks treats nature’s music with a blending of picturesque snow-capped mountains in the backdrop.

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Manali hill station in Himachal Pradesh

Manali is a beautiful terminus of mountains with spell-binding views, charming streams and the fairy-tale-like fog surrounding the town. Valley of Gods is a paradise for mountain lovers surrounded by little hidden cottages, a lingering fragrance of pines and freshness on the banks of Beas River. The place is a charm in itself, and the local people append enchanting to its eminence with marvellous glamour. Old Manali give lots of option for party lovers is the most active place. Temples, hot springs, some of the highest mountain passes in the World, rich culture, adventure sports like paragliding, skiing, river rafting and others make Manali remarkable. 

How To Reach?

How to reach Himachal Pradesh

There are plenty of options to reach Himachal Pradesh as several private and government buses- HRTC ply from Delhi for various regions. Even government buses have options of Volvo A/C and Non-A/C for your journey. I booked a seat at the HRTC bus service, which was a comfortable ride to Shimla. Local and private buses connect the other regions of Himachal Pradesh at a reasonable price. If you love to ride in the valleys, you may rent a bike from the major places of the state as Shimla, Manali and Kasol. 

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