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A Day in The Veil of Flowers “Khirai”

23 February 2020 admin (0 )
A short excursion is barely to dodge the stressful ordinary life. Undoubtedly, A Day in The Veil of Flowers "Khirai" will leave you lofty in the fields of the countryside. This popular destination is

The Charity of Care Helping Unprivileged Mankind:

15 November 2019 admin (1 )
Around the world, several NGOs, Missionaries for charity are carrying out extensive social work across different domains. Kolkata too has a large number of active NGOs with dedicated volunteers, tha

The Crumbling of the glorious days of Rajbari:

15 November 2019 admin (1 )
Most of the great Mansions or crumbling Rajbari around Kolkata of which very few are still intact and restored. The Zamindars of Bengal had a life of pomp and show, unimaginable today. Magnificient e

The Serene Presence of Buddhist Pagodas from Different Community:

15 November 2019 admin (1 )
Buddhism spread in Bengal during Ashoka. But its effect faded away in the successive period. The presence of Buddhist Pagodas in Kolkata slowly mingled to other cultures of the locals. Still, there

Few Jewish community Synagogues are left to tell the story:

15 November 2019 admin (1 )
Few Jewish Community Synagogues in Kolkata are left to tell the story about the first Jew who came with his family to Kolkata in 1798 from Allepo in Syria was Shalom Aaron Obadia Cohen and establishe

Tourist places in Kolkata “The Heritage”

14 November 2019 admin (5 )
Travelling gives relief and if you love the offbeat places than the beaten track, tourist places in Kolkata will give you some of the best options with its old heritages. The city is abstracted with