When you are craving to take a break from all the hubbub and chaos of reality, the first option that comes to your mind is going to a far-off place for a few days. Yes, a vacation in a remote place can be a great detox, especially if it is a luxurious resort stay with your closed ones. Feeling stuck and jammed in my mind, I was desperately looking for a relaxing place to visit with my friends. It was then that I came across millions of positive Thrillophilia reviews which talked about an upscale resort on the uninhabited island named Medhufushi Island in the Maldives. Without a second thought, I called up my friends and we made the plan, applied for holidays from the office, and booked the tickets.

We arrived at Velana International Airport, where we were welcomed by the representative of Thrillophilia, who then escorted us to the dock via a car. From there it was a one-and-a-half-hour boat ride to the charming island of Medhufushi. We had the option of taking a seaplane, but due to some budget crunches, we did not avail of it. Although, at one point while riding the boat, we regretted not taking the plane, however, once the islands greeted our view, we all got excited. The white beaches were lined with lush green coconut trees and tropical plants that made the place look straight out of a dream. Smelling the exotic air of the place, topped off by orchids and welcome drinks, all our mind-blocks drained off. Suddenly, we all were full of energy and enthusiasm, willing to take on water sports offered by the resort. But, we kept it for the next day and decided to just relax for the day lying in hammocks under the cool tree-shades, gazing at the azure sea that turned turquoise at a distance. The resort was quite opulent, having multiple options of stay and all necessary facilities. We had booked a water villa as it was a group-friendly option. The bathrooms of our cottages were clean and well-equipped with exquisite scented candles and towels ( it came with a bathtub as well). The bedroom was amazingly decorated and was directly overlooking the sea. They even arranged for a very aesthetic open-air candlelight dinner, serving authentic local dishes and sophisticated drinks. The next two days we enjoyed the water sports and strolled around the beach. We took a dip in the sea and had a great time on the island, not to mention the late-night deep conversations between friends. The sunsets and the sunrises were inexplicably beautiful, with their stunning red-orange rays painting the entire sea in their hue. It was a marvel to wander upon.

On our return trip, we boarded the seaplane, and it was painful to even think of leaving the island and going back to the mundane corporate life. But one has got to earn to live.  A huge part of my thanks goes to the detailed reviews of Thrillophilia which introduced me to this heavenly island resort of Medhufushi, and of course, the management of the company helped us with our transfers and arrangements. So there we were, fully relaxed and refreshed, ready to grind again. With the promise of taking another trip soon, we parted from the airport to our different home destinations with a gleeful face and a rejuvenated heart.

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